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Favretto by Pomini Tenova

Favretto by Pomini

Large machinery for precision grinding and finishing


High precision machining


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Quality control




High precision machining


Milling machine WALDRICH COBURG

12500 x 2300 x 2000 mm
Spindle power 100 kW
Set of eight bevel gearboxes and universal gearboxes for head change
Table capacity 60 ton
Siemens 840D CNC


Milling INNSE Berardi

17000 x 4000 x 3000 mm
Spindle power 80 kW
Table capacity 100 ton
Siemens 840D Solution Line
Double Table
Automatic Head And Tool Change


Boring machine PAMA SPEEDMAT

2500 x 2000 x 2200 mm
table mm1600x1600, capacity 10 ton
boring spindle ø110×700
spindle power 30 kW
Siemens 840D CNC
Renishaw measuring system


Grinding machine FAVRETTO

16500 x 4000 x 2000 mm
wheel change 4 places
tangential head 50 kW
universal head ±110°
division 1 degree, 35kW
special head for intestine
table capacity 60 ton
Siemens 840D CNC
Marposs measuring system


The ISO 9001:2008 standard is the basis on which the Management System of the organization is built and certified. This standard represents the international reference for Quality Management within Organizations seeking the improvement of Customer satisfaction, rationalization of the internal processes and the consequent reduction of waste and inefficiency to remain competitive in challenging markets.

ISO 14001 is the international standard applicable to all different types of Companies, that defines how an efficient Environmental Management System is to be developed. ISO 14001 Certification demonstrates real engagement of the organization to minimize the environmental impact of it’s processes, products and services.

ISO 18001 is the international standard for Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS). The OHSAS Certification demonstrates the application within an organization of a system for proper management of Workers’ Health and Safety in addition to respecting the applicable standards and regulations